• NYX Professional Ombre Blush in Sweet Spring

    Saturday 20th May

    NYX Ombre Blush in Sweet Spring

    As soon as I saw the NYX Ombre Blushes I knew I wanted to try them. The design alone drew me in – how beautiful? There are 8 different shades on offer for just £9, which meant that I quickly got my hands on the shades that most appealed to me – Code Breaker, Insta Flame, Sweet Spring & Mauve Me.

    Out of all the shades I own, Sweet Spring is one of my favourites. The mix of the blue toned pink moving into the brighter yellow toned pink is definitely a shade that I find flattering.

    The Ombre Blushes are extremely pigmented, more so than any of the blushes I have tried from NYX in the past. I will admit that they feel a little ‘drier’ than your usual blushes, however this is not a huge problem – I just find that it means a little more fall out when swirling your brush into the blush pan. They blend well and last for around 7-8 hours. Due to the intense pigmentation of the blushes, I tend to use a duo-fibre brush as I find that it helps to not apply too much product.

    If I’m honest I do wish the packaging of the Ombre Blushes was a little more exciting. The black plastic casing feels study and very protective but I just wish it reflected the design of the powder a little more – a small thing to complain about, I know. I do however like that it includes a big mirror.

    I would recommend the NYX Ombre Blushes to everyone. The design of the powder and the pigmentation it holds makes a winning combination. Sweet Spring is not currently available in Boots, but can be ordered directly from the NYX website www.nyxcosmetics.co.uk

    Have you tried any of the Ombre Blushes?
    What did you think?

  • Essence BLUSHplay Palette in Play It Pink

    Sunday 02nd April

    When I saw that Essence were releasing the BLUSHplay Sculpting Blush Palettes in their newest collection, I was very excited. I absolutely love the brand and have been so impressed by their products, especially their blushes – all you need to do is read my last post to see! They have two shades on offer: Play It Peach & Play It Pink. I obviously treated myself to both – for just £4 I could not resist! I have been using Play It Pink for the last few days and have fallen in love.

    I have been very impressed by the three shades included in the palette. They are perfect for everyday wear, blend easily and are very flattering on my skin tone. I usually find in these type of palettes that I dislike a shade but this has not been the case. The highlighter shade is a very soft, light pink with beautiful subtle shimmer. It doesn’t have the typical illuminating qualities on a highlighter, but leaves a lovely shimmer to the cheekbones when applied. I’ve also used it as a blush topper and found that it worked perfectly. Sculpt is a slightly warmer matte pink with a peachy undertone. It is a little sheerer compared to the ‘define’ shade, however when built up, gives the cheeks a beautiful rosy tint. Define is a true pink with golden shimmer, similar to the ever so famous NARS Orgasm and Sleek’s Rose Gold blush. Although shimmery, there are no big chunks of glitter – something I absolutely hate in a blush. I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use from it.

    In true Essence type the packaging is simple but effective. It feels sturdy and protects the powders well. I honestly can not rave about the BLUSHplay sculpting blush palettes enough. For only £4, I would recommend that you all give them a try. I bet you won’t be disappointed!

  • Essence Mosaic Blush in The Berry Connection

    Wednesday 15th March

    Essence is one of my all time favourite beauty brands. They continue to bring out new products that are not only amazing quality, but also extremely low in price. I own a huge amount of their products and have never been let down. Some of my favourite items from Essence are their blushes and bronzers. So, When I saw the Mosaic Blushes, I knew that I had to try them. Essence have four different shades to choose from – Miss Floral Coral, All You Need Is Pink, Kissed By The Sun & The Berry Connection. I have all four shades but have found that one definitely stands out from the rest.

    Since starting Roaccutane, my skin has been left very red. Obviously this is not going to be a long term problem, but it is something that has made me feel very self conscious. Since this started, my main aim with makeup has been to cover this redness – not to add more colour to my cheeks. So, my more pigmented blushes have been put to the side and I have been preferring more natural flushes of colour.

    I have found the Mosaic Blushes to be perfect for this. I have found that they are slightly sheer when applied, however the intensity of each blush can be built up. This is not a negative point as I actually prefer blushes like this – you can get your intended intensity rather than having to blend any mistakes! The Mosaic Blushes blend well and have a lovely soft texture without being powdery and leaving a lot of fall out.

    The shade of The Berry Connection is not what you would first expect from the name. I find that when applied, it leaves a beautiful pink flush to the cheeks. It has a very subtle shimmer that looks pretty when applied and is not too over the top or obvious. It does not add to the redness of my skin but does help to give me a little colour and brighten my complexion – I hate wearing just foundation as I feel it makes me look a little ‘dead’ and flat.

    The packaging of the Mosaic Blushes is very simple, but for £2.50 can you really complain? I also find that the design of the powder definitely makes up for this and makes the product look a lot more expensive.

    The Mosaic Blushes are available from www.wilko.com and also in stores.

  • Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Spoon

    Wednesday 01st March

    Picture of the Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Spoon

    Since ordering from Colourpop in December, I have found myself constantly reaching for their products. One of my favourites that I have tried is their Pearlized Highlighters. I have been using them both alone and under powder highlighters and absolutely love them. I ordered 8 different shades and have been slowly making my way through them.

    When I first looked at Spoon in the pan, it looked like the perfect highlighting shade. However, when applied, it has a slight bronze undertone, which makes it hard for me to use – I’m ridiculously pale. So, instead of it going to waste, I’ve been wearing it as an eyeshadow. When applied to the eyes, Spoon is a bronzed champagne shade with silver shimmer. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It is the type of shade that helps to make my eyes look bigger and helps to make me look more awake – especially when I’m on early shifts at work and start at 7am! It also works brilliantly as a base shade when applying powder eyeshadows on top.

    Just like the Super Shock Shadows, the Pearlized Highlighters feel extremely soft, almost like a cream product. I have found the texture of the Pearlized Highlighters to be slightly ‘damper’ than the Super Shock Shadows but this has not had an impact on staying powder or application. In my opinion they work better when applied with fingers, however I’ve used duo fiber brushes to apply them on a few occasions and liked how it looked. Due to the softer texture of the highlighters, I have found them easier to split when dropped, however they are easily ‘smushed’ back together.

    The packaging is the same as the Super Shock Shadows, only a little bigger. Although bulky, I really like the packaging and find the pots easy to stack and store in my makeup collection. I’m not going to ramble on about custom charges again as I did that enough in my first Colourpop post. It’s obviously a risk when ordering from America, but in my opinion, Colourpop products are definitely worth it.

    Although Spoon disappoitned me a little as a highlighting product, it has more than made up for it as an eyeshadow. If you do want to try the Pearlized Highlighters and are a similar skin tone to me, I’d really recommend Monster and Hippo.

    The Pearlized Highlighters are available for $8 at www.colourpop.com

  • Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Drift

    Wednesday 01st February

    Colourpop is a brand that I have wanted to try since they first surfaced. Both their Super Shock Shadows and Pearlized Highlighters appealed massively to me, and I quickly complied a huge wish list. I placed my first order over the Black Friday weekend as they had 20% off, plus free international shipping. Since then, I’ve placed another two! I now own a huge amount of both the eyeshadows and highlighters and they’ve quickly become all I have been using recently.

    Since start on Roaccutane, I have struggled to wear any lip product other than Bistex. So, to make up for this, I have been making more of an effort with my eye makeup, experimenting with shades that I would not usually look at. Drift is definitely one of those shades.

    Drift is a beautiful dark cranberry shade with very subtle shimmer. I have been wearing it blended all over the lid with winged eyeliner and mascara. It’s the perfect lazy day makeup. I have found that it is a little drier in texture compared to other Colourpop eyeshadows I have tried, but the shades itself definitely makes up for this.

    The formula of the Super Shock Shadows are like nothing I have tried before. They feel soft and very much like a cream eyeshadow when first applied. However the shadows both blend and set like a powder. Colourpop have suggested a few different ways to apply the Super Shock Shadows, but I have found that using my fingers to blend the shades work best. I have also discovered that if I am using a darker shade as a crease colour, a synthetic blending brush works perfectly. Due to the spongy texture of the eyeshadows, I was worried about their lasting power, expecting them to crease after a few hours. However, I am happy to report that they have a fantastic wear time, lasting up to 8+ hours.

    The packaging is a little bulky, but I don’t find this to be a problem. The white plastic pots looks both sleek and in my opinion, more expensive than your regular budget eyeshadow brands. I also like that they have a clear window as it makes it a lot easier to find a particular shade, especially when you are in a hurry.

    The only downside to ordering from the Colourpop website is the threat of custom charges. I have placed 4 orders in total and the fees have ranged from £17-£22. Although annoying, the low price and quality of the actual products won’t stop me from ordering again!

    The Colourpop Super Shock Shadows are available for $5 at colourpop.com