• Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Thumper

    Thursday 22nd June

    Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Thumper

    I absolutely love Colourpop. I own a huge amount of their Super Shock Shadows and Super Shock Highlighters – more than I would like to admit if I am honest. Out of all of their products, I feel that I have neglected the Super Shock Cheeks slightly. The shade range never really jumped out at me & cream blushes have always been something that I shied away from. However, in my last order, I decided to give them a go and ordered Thumper.

    Thumper is a beautiful bright, blue toned pink blush. I absolutely love it. Although matte, it really helps to brighten you complexion. I have found that I get around 8 hours wear time from Thumper – significantly better than other cream blushes I have tried in the past. The formula is like no other product I have tried before. The Super Shock Cheeks feel very soft but are less ‘wet’ than the eyeshadows and highlighters. They have a rather thin formula but are extremely pigmented. Initially, I was unsure on how best to apply them and have tried a few different ways. For the lighter shades, I use my fingers to apply the product and then blend it out. However for brighter shades like Thumper, I use the ELF Studio Stipple Brush. The two work perfectly together.

    The packaging is similar to the Super Shock Shadows, although slightly bigger. The white plastic pot comes with a screw lid and a clear window which allows you to see each shade. This is extremely helpful when you own more than a few shades. The only problem I have with the Colourpop packaging is how to store them. At the minute I have been stacking them in my makeup drawers, however this makes it hard to find the shades you are looking for. I would love to know if anyone has any suggestions.

    I am extremely glad that I gave the Super Shock Cheeks a try. The only problem I have is the shade range on offer. Other than Thumper, there are no other shades that really jump out at me. Despite this, I am tempted to order a few more, hoping that they are more impressive in person. There is also the issue with extra charges. Unlike many others, this does not bother me. I love Colourpop and therefore will continue to order from their website & put up with the custom charges I receive. The products are more than worth it.

    Have you tried the Colourpop Super Shock Cheeks? If so, what shades would you recommend?

    The Colourpop Super Shock Cheeks are available from Colourpop for $8.

  • ELF Best Friend Eyeshadow Duo in Pink Pal

    Wednesday 14th June

    ELF Best Friend Eyeshadow Duo in Pink Pal

    ELF has always been one of my favourite makeup brands. So, you can imagine my delight when they recently became available again in the UK. Products are available from Superdrug and also from the ELF website. I have ordered from both and have had no issues. I recently saw the Best Friend Eyeshadow Duos on Instagram and knew that I wanted to give them a go. There is nothing better than easy eye makeup! The Best Friend Eyeshadow Duos are not currently available from Superdrug, so I ordered directly from the ELF website. They offer free shipping on orders over £25 – which is so easy to spend. I was extremely shocked to see that the UK site ships from the United States and as I waited for my parcel, began to worry about customs charges. However, it arrived after around 7 working days with no extra charges.

    There are five shades on offer in the Best Friend Eyeshadow Duo range. Each duo contains a matte and shimmer shade that compliment each other perfectly. I originally ordered two of the shades available, but later ordered another two. My favourite so far has definitely been the duo in ‘Pink Pal’. I have been applying the pink shimmery shade all over my eyelid and then lightly blending the matte brown shade into the crease. Although an extremely simple look, it is very pretty and one that I have been choosing to wear for work recently. The shimmery pink shade helps to brighten your eyes and definitely helps to make me look more awake – something I need at 5am.

    The packaging of the eyeshadow duos is very simple and if I am honest, a little cheap looking. However the product inside definitely makes up for this. Both eyeshadows included in the duo are soft and blend easily. They are nicely pigmented but to make the pink shade ‘pop’ – I hate that phrase – I would recommend using a good eyeshadow base.

    I would 100% recommend the ELF Best Friend Eyeshadow duos. They are available online from the ELF website for just £4.50.

    Have you tried any of the newer products from ELF? If so, what would you recommend?

  • Models Own Baked Blusher in Lovestone

    Sunday 11th June

    Models Own Rock 'N' Rosy Baked Blusher in Lovestone

    Since working as a nurse, I rarely look at nail polish. I cannot wear it for work and do not see the point in applying it for only 1 or 2 days at a time. So, if I am honest, Models Own is a brand that I have neglected. A few weeks back, I was watching a Youtube video and saw the Models Own beauty range mentioned. I instantly knew that I wanted to give some of their products a try.

    For some reason, Models Own is no longer available on Boots or Superdrug online. So, I ordered directly from the Models Own website. I was really surprised at just how quickly my parcel was delivered and how perfectly everything was packaged. I ordered several different times, but out of everything I have tried, the Rock ‘n’ Rosy Shimmer Baked Blushes definitely stood out. Out of the three shades I have, Lovestone has become an absolute favourite.

    Lovestone is a beautiful soft, rosy pink shade. I was a little worried that it may contain chunks of glitter – something I have found before with baked blushes. However I had no reason to worry. When applied to the cheeks, it leaves a pretty sheen to the skin that eliminates the need for a highlighter. It is just beautiful. I have been using it recently for work and love how it looks. It leaves me with a subtle rosy flush to the cheeks that compliments my pale skin perfectly. I have found that it lasts for around 6/7 hours before it begins to face.

    I was initially very surprised at how small the Rock ‘n’ Rosy Shimmer Baked Blushes were. For £4.99, you get just 1.9g of product. However a little goes a long way and honestly, how many times have you completed finished a blush? The packaging feels very solider, however the magnetic closure is not massively secure, so it is not a product that I would just chuck into my make up bag. One thing I do really like is that it contains a mirror.

    I would 100% recommend trying the Models Own beauty range. I have been really impressed by everything I have tried and a lot of the products have made their way into my everyday make up routine. Have you tried anything from Models Own? What is your favourite?

    The Models Own Rock ‘n’ Rosy Shimmer Bakes Blushes are available here for £4.99

  • LA Girl HD Matte Pressed Powder in Fair

    Wednesday 07th June

    LA Girl Pro Face HD Matte Pressed Powder in Fair

    When it comes to pressed powders, I feel like I have tried them all. Although I currently have major dry patches on my face (thanks Roaccutane), my skin becomes extremely oily throughout the day. When I was sent the LA Girl Pro Face HD Pressed Powder in ‘Fair’, I must admit, I was not expecting much. I have found that cheaper powders do nothing for my skin and anything matte clings to the dry patches I have, leaving me looking ridiculous. I have also really struggled with finding face powders that are pale enough for me. However, after wearing this non-stop for the past 2 weeks, I have to say I’ve fallen in love.

    The HD Pressed Powder is extremely soft, which sometimes means that there is a lot of dust when your swirl your brush in the pan . But to me, this is not a huge problem. It blends perfectly onto the skin and does not exaggerate any dry patches on my face. The powder adds a little coverage to the skin, but does not look at all ‘cakey’. And, although matte, it does not leave your skin looking flat and lifeless. This is definitely something I have struggled with in the past when trying different face powders. It helps to set my foundation and keep my skin looking a lot less oily throughout the day. I find that I only need to re-apply it after 5/6 hours – a huge plus for me as some days at work I hardly have time to eat, let alone retouch my makeup!

    The packaging of the LA Girl HD Matte Pressed Powder is very similar to the LA Girl Strobe Lite Powders . Although a little more bulky than needed, it protects the powder well. It also looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Underneath the powder is a little tab that when lifted, reveals a mirror and sponge. I have never used a sponge to top up with my powder throughout the day, but it is a nice touch for those who do.

    The LA Girl HD Matte Powders are available from Just My Look for just £5.99. They have 15 shades on offer, so there is definitely something for everyone. I would love to know your opinion on the powder if you have tried it.

    This post includes PR samples – all views are honest and my own

  • Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter

    Friday 02nd June

    Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter

    I have seen a lot of different rainbow highlighters online and have been really intrigued, although have not wanted to waste my money on something that I would not try. So, when I saw the Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow highlighter in ‘be a unicorn’ for just £3.50 in my local Wilkos, I couldn’t help but buy it.

    If I’m 100% honest, I did not expect much from the highlighter. I think this was mainly because it was so cheap. I was also hesitant about the mix of colours – I ones I had seen online seemed to contain softer, more pastel shades. Because of this, I tried it on a day where I was not working – there is nothing worse than realising your makeup looks horrendous at 5.30am! However there was no need for me to be worried.

    The shades that you use within the palette determine what kind of highlighter you get e.g. if you use the top two shades, you get more a pink toned shade, however if you stick with the bottom two, you’re left with a more cool toned shade. However, I have found that if you swirl your brush into all four shades, you get a beautiful icy, silver highlighter that looks really pretty. The powder itself is a little dry. However I did find that once the top layer of powder is used, it became a little soften and easier to blend.

    The packaging is like most Essence products, simple but effective. Although nothing special, it’s easy to store and I’m guessing that it helps to keep the overall cost down. I do like that

    The Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter in ‘be a unicorn’ is available from Wilkos online & in store for only £3.50. I would really recommend trying it if like me, you are yet to try a rainbow highlighter!