Colourpop is a brand that I have wanted to try since they first surfaced. Both their Super Shock Shadows and Pearlized Highlighters appealed massively to me, and I quickly complied a huge wish list.

I placed my first order over the Black Friday weekend as they had 20% off, plus free international shipping. Since then, I’ve placed another two! I now own a huge amount of both the eyeshadows and highlighters and they’ve quickly become all I have been using recently.

Since start on Roaccutane, I have struggled to wear any lip product other than Bistex. So, to make up for this, I have been making more of an effort with my eye makeup, experimenting with shades that I would not usually look at. Drift is definitely one of those shades.

Drift is a beautiful dark cranberry shade with very subtle shimmer. I have been wearing it blended all over the lid with winged eyeliner and mascara. It’s the perfect lazy day makeup. I have found that it is a little drier in texture compared to other Colourpop eyeshadows I have tried, but the shades itself definitely makes up for this.

The formula of the Super Shock Shadows are like nothing I have tried before. They feel soft and very much like a cream eyeshadow when first applied. However the shadows both blend and set like a powder. Colourpop have suggested a few different ways to apply the Super Shock Shadows, but I have found that using my fingers to blend the shades work best. I have also discovered that if I am using a darker shade as a crease colour, a synthetic blending brush works perfectly. Due to the spongy texture of the eyeshadows, I was worried about their lasting power, expecting them to crease after a few hours. However, I am happy to report that they have a fantastic wear time, lasting up to 8+ hours.

The packaging is a little bulky, but I don’t find this to be a problem. The white plastic pots looks both sleek and in my opinion, more expensive than your regular budget eyeshadow brands. I also like that they have a clear window as it makes it a lot easier to find a particular shade, especially when you are in a hurry.

The only downside to ordering from the Colourpop website is the threat of custom charges. I have placed 4 orders in total and the fees have ranged from £17-£22. Although annoying, the low price and quality of the actual products won’t stop me from ordering again!

The Colourpop Super Shock Shadows are available for $5 at