Picture of the Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Spoon

Since ordering from Colourpop in December, I have found myself constantly reaching for their products. One of my favourites that I have tried is their Pearlized Highlighters. I have been using them both alone and under powder highlighters and absolutely love them. I ordered 8 different shades and have been slowly making my way through them.

When I first looked at Spoon in the pan, it looked like the perfect highlighting shade. However, when applied, it has a slight bronze undertone, which makes it hard for me to use – I’m ridiculously pale. So, instead of it going to waste, I’ve been wearing it as an eyeshadow. When applied to the eyes, Spoon is a bronzed champagne shade with silver shimmer. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It is the type of shade that helps to make my eyes look bigger and helps to make me look more awake – especially when I’m on early shifts at work and start at 7am! It also works brilliantly as a base shade when applying powder eyeshadows on top.

Just like the Super Shock Shadows, the Pearlized Highlighters feel extremely soft, almost like a cream product. I have found the texture of the Pearlized Highlighters to be slightly ‘damper’ than the Super Shock Shadows but this has not had an impact on staying powder or application. In my opinion they work better when applied with fingers, however I’ve used duo fiber brushes to apply them on a few occasions and liked how it looked. Due to the softer texture of the highlighters, I have found them easier to split when dropped, however they are easily ‘smushed’ back together.

The packaging is the same as the Super Shock Shadows, only a little bigger. Although bulky, I really like the packaging and find the pots easy to stack and store in my makeup collection. I’m not going to ramble on about custom charges again as I did that enough in my first Colourpop post. It’s obviously a risk when ordering from America, but in my opinion, Colourpop products are definitely worth it.

Although Spoon disappoitned me a little as a highlighting product, it has more than made up for it as an eyeshadow. If you do want to try the Pearlized Highlighters and are a similar skin tone to me, I’d really recommend Monster and Hippo.

The Pearlized Highlighters are available for $8 at www.colourpop.com