Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter

I have seen a lot of different rainbow highlighters online and have been really intrigued, although have not wanted to waste my money on something that I would not try. So, when I saw the Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow highlighter in ‘be a unicorn’ for just £3.50 in my local Wilkos, I couldn’t help but buy it.

If I’m 100% honest, I did not expect much from the highlighter. I think this was mainly because it was so cheap. I was also hesitant about the mix of colours – I ones I had seen online seemed to contain softer, more pastel shades. Because of this, I tried it on a day where I was not working – there is nothing worse than realising your makeup looks horrendous at 5.30am! However there was no need for me to be worried.

The shades that you use within the palette determine what kind of highlighter you get e.g. if you use the top two shades, you get more a pink toned shade, however if you stick with the bottom two, you’re left with a more cool toned shade. However, I have found that if you swirl your brush into all four shades, you get a beautiful icy, silver highlighter that looks really pretty. The powder itself is a little dry. However I did find that once the top layer of powder is used, it became a little soften and easier to blend.

The packaging is like most Essence products, simple but effective. Although nothing special, it’s easy to store and I’m guessing that it helps to keep the overall cost down. I do like that

The Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter in ‘be a unicorn’ is available from Wilkos online & in store for only £3.50. I would really recommend trying it if like me, you are yet to try a rainbow highlighter!