Peach Melba from Natural Collection was one of the first blushes I owned, and to this day, is the only one I have hit pan on. I wore it throughout my teenage years and absolutely loved it. Fast forward 10?! years and I now own more blushes than I care to admit!

This however, does not stop me from browsing the Boots website. I soon found myself on the Natural Collection page and was surprised to see that they had new products available – with the Blush & Glow compacts standing out to me. Growing up with the brand, I feel they rarely had new releases so could not help but treat myself. When I ordered the Blush & Glow compacts, they were on a 3 for 2 offer. So, in true Jordan style, I ordered all three shades available. Although they are all beautiful, my favourite definitely has to be the shade ‘Pink’.

Natural Collection Blush & Glow in Pink

The Blush & Glow compact in the Pink contains a matte pink blush with a lighter pink shimmery highlighter. When mixed together, it leaves a beautiful soft toned pink with subtle but very pretty shimmer. It really helps to brighten my complexion without adding too much colour – something I have been loving recently. Since becoming unwell, I feel that I have neglected blush in my everyday routine. I have flare ups of incredibly blushed skin on my face and find that my daily routine consists of me wanting to hide this, rather than add to it. I do find however that this can leave my skin looking a little flat. Pink works brilliantly to combat this. Leaving my skin looking radiant and ever so slightly flushed. I absolutely love it.

Natural Collection Blush & Glow in Pink

The powder feels soft and silky, although does kick up a little excess powder in the pan. I have been using the Spectrum D02 Small Stippler to apply Pink. It does not pick up too much product and helps to blend the powder quickly and easily. On a side note, I would really recommend the Spectrum Duo Fibre 4 Piece Brush Set. They are all I have been using recently, despite me having a ridiculously large brush collection.

The packaging of the Blush & Glow compact is very simple, but for only £2.49 each, I cannot complain. It does not have the most sturdy clasp however, so I would not recommend taking this out in your everyday makeup bag. One positive is the size of the blush. Due to it being ordered online, I was not sure what to except, but it contains an amazing 10g of product! Natural Collection have seriously upped their game. I would recommend the Blush & Glow compacts to everyone!

Have you tried anything from Natural Collection recently? Can you recommend any other products?

The Blush & Glow compacts are available from Boots for just £2.49.