Colour Super Shock Shadow in Truth

Colourpop was founded in 2014. I remember that when I first saw the brand online, I was desperate to try their products. Fast forward to today and I own a huge amount of Colourpop products, especially their Super Shock Shadows.

I have around 50 of these the Super Shock Shadows, mostly their neutral shades. One of my all-time favourites is Truth. It is a beautiful light beige with a soft golden shimmer. It helps to brighten my complexion and I find that it helps to make my eyes look more awake – something that is essential when you start work at 06:30! I absolutely love it. Another of my favourite ways to wear Truth is to apply it all over the lid with my finger, then blend Brady into the crease using a synthetic blending brush. You can get both shades in the Love Line bundle – I would really recommend this, it’s a beautiful set.

The formula of the Super Shock Shadows is absolutely incredible. They feel very soft and moussy in the pan, but when applied dry down to a powder. The thing I love most about the shadows is their lasting power. I have worn them for 10+ hours at work and there has been no fading or creasing. Due to the creamy consistency of the shadows, you do have to ensure that you close the lid properly, otherwise, they can dry out. This has happened to a few of my shadows, but I have just added a few drops of eyedrops and found that this helps to refresh them – I am not 100% sure if this is advised, but it works for me!

I have tried a few different ways of applying the Super Shock Shadows. I tend to use my fingers to apply my lid shade, then use the  Colourpop Small Tapered brush to place my crease colour and blend out the edges. It is quick and easy but looks as if you have spent a lot of time on your eye makeup.

The Super Shock Shadows come in a small, white plastic pot with a screw lid. Although I like how the packaging looks, I do find them difficult to store in my current makeup storage. Ideally, I would love some acrylic drawers (like these from Muji). However, I do not currently have space in my room. Instead, to ensure that I use all the shades I own, I like to rotate different shades in my everyday makeup bag, switching them up every few weeks.

The only downside to ordering from the Colourpop website is the inevitable custom fees that come along with it. Although slightly annoying, they are unavoidable and have not stopped me from making almost monthly orders! In my opinion, the quality of Colourpop products are like nothing else available in the UK, so a little extra £ is not all that bad.

I would love to know if you have tried the Super Shock Shadows & if you have any shade recommendations – especially more daring shades, I need to try and be more adventurous with my eye makeup!

The Super Shock Shadows are available here for just $5.